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The PAC is working across England and Wales. In each region, we’ve partnered with a local youth organisation to recruit and support the young people who are leading the PAC.

Central partners

Along with our local partners, the overall delivery of PAC is supported by the following central partners.

UK youth - the Young Foundation

The Young Foundation and UK Youth

The Young Foundation and UK Youth are our national partners, helping us to set up the network and analyse the research that young people produce.

PAC Learning Partner

The Centre for Children and Young People’s Participation at the University of Central Lancashire with the Institute for Connected Community based at the University of East London are helping us understand what great peer research looks like. That means that we can support young people to learn as much as possible and make real change through their involvement in the PAC.

Here I Am

Here I am

Here I Am are developing a digital tool, which all of the young researchers will use to record their findings.


Beatfreeks have developed a curriculum to help young people tell their stories and create campaigns for their social action projects.

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