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NEW REPORT: Leading research, driving change

We’re proud to share with you the Peer Action Collective’s first research report!

Leading research, driving change is based on insights from over 4,600 children and young people (aged 10-20). The research was conducted by young people, with young people.

Our PAC Peer Researchers have gone out into their communities. They’ve listened to what young people have to say and found out about the issues that matter most.

We’re now using these insights to push for what young people want to see changed. Our report reveals eight areas where young people want support to make their communities safer and fairer:

  1. We want you to deal with the small stuff.’  Young people want to see us stop ignoring ‘low level’ bullying and homophobic, racist and sexist remarks online or in-person.
  2. We need access to and knowledge of opportunities that are accessible to us. The cost-of-living crisis has only increased the urgency of needing access to meaningful employment.
  3. More youth friendly spaces would contribute to how safe we feel.’  Having access to appropriate physical space contributed to how safe young people feel. Young people need more places to go where they are not competing for space and are supported by adults that they trust.
  4. Schools need to feel like safe spaces and should help prevent violence.’  Young people want their education system to help build a more tolerant society and prevent violence early on.
  5. Mental health support should be easy to access.’ Young people need access to mental health services that are responsive and offer early intervention.   
  6. Young people should feel safe online.’  Young people want to feel safe and protected online, especially on social media. They want to know that they can report inappropriate content and it will be managed appropriately and quickly.  
  7. ‘We need you to consider the inequalities and lived experiences of young people to find solutions to youth violence.’  Young people’s identities shape the way they experience youth violence and inequalities and must be recognised when working to reduce it.
  8. Young people should be partners in developing solutions to change’ Engagement needs to be genuine, with a commitment to implementing change.

You can read more about PAC’s youth insights and solutions in Leading research, driving change‘. Download today!

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