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Our PAC Teams

The young people employed to lead PAC are aged 16-25. Here is what they have to say about why they joined the team. This page will stay live, so check back in to meet new team members!

Yorkshire and the Humber PAC: Hull

Tiger’s Trust, EFL Trust

South West PAC: Bristol

Robins Foundation, EFL Trust

Yorkshire and the Humber PAC: Bradford

Bradford City Community Foundation, EFL Trust

Wales PAC

Media Academy Cymru

Latest Stories

  • Story

    Story:Lily’s story

    To celebrate this year’s International Youth Day, we chat with Lily to find out why she decided to get involved in PAC and how she’s getting along. Why did you want to get involved in PAC ? “I decided to get involved in PAC because through studying youth work at degree level my passion in…
  • Story

    Story:How PAC helped open my eyes!

    How PAC helped open my eyes! I started PAC in April 2022 as an apprentice Project Officer at Volunteering Matters Ipswich. This project has really opened my eyes about our community and the seriousness of youth violence around Ipswich. Its impact has made me change some parts of my own personal life! Being on PAC…
  • Story

    Story:Pearl’s story

    I joined PAC as I wanted to be part of a project which enabled young people to feel empowered. This project allows us as young people to find ways and gain a deeper knowledge of a topic that is usually dismissed and left for adults to “figure out”. I joined this project to be able…
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